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Home Alcohol Tests - Buy online today for immediate despatch.



Home alcohol testing kits give fast and accurate test results - enabling you to monitor abstinence or determine if you are safe to drive the morning after a night's drinking.


100% Product reliability guarantee

Buy home alcohol tests online by adding them to your shopping cart using the buttons below.  You can order in complete confidence for same day despatch.  Customers in the UK receive their testing kits in plain packaging within 24-48 hours, European home alcohol test customers receive their products typically within 2-3 days and USA / Canada / worldwide customers receive their orders within 3 to 5 days.


With all tests on this site, the final price is shown next to each test kit - all VAT (if applicable) and shipping is already accounted for.  There are no hidden costs.  These alcohol testing kits are the exact same products as used by the National Health Service in hospitals and drug treatment centres across the UK, and in companies for employee alcohol screening, so you can be assured of their reliability.


If you are a healthcare or corporate customer, visit to place bulk orders.


Home Alcohol Tests


Disposable Alcohol Test Kits for Urine, Saliva and Breath


We supply disposable alcohol testing kits for use on saliva, urine and breath, and electronic breathalyser units.  So whatever your requirements, these kits should cover all levels of alcohol testing at home.  All of our alcohol tests are able to measure your blood alcohol level in just 2 minutes and you can compare that against the legal drink drive limit in your area.  In the UK, this is 80mg/dl or 0.08% BAC (blood alcohol concentration).


Almost a third of people in the UK who lose their driving license due to drink driving do so the morning after a night's drinking - which highlights a definite need for better awareness and the ability to test for alcohol levels the morning after.


  • Home alcohol test kitsAlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test Strip - Can also be used on urine

AlcoScreen saliva alcohol testing kits are a simple test strip which shows the level of blood alcohol present in your system in just two minutes.  They measure alcohol levels anywhere from zero tolerance levels up to several times over the UK Legal Drink Drive Limit.  You just apply saliva to the test directly from the mouth, then time 2 minutes before comparing the test strip with the colour chart on the packet.  As alcohol tests go, these kits are very simple to use.


Saliva / Urine Alcohol Testing Kit Pricing:

(All prices are in Great British Pounds - GBP)

Single AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test  £3.10
AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test - Pack of 5 £11.57  (£2.31 each)
AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test - Pack of 10 £22.15  (£2.22 each)
AlcoScreen Saliva Alcohol Test - Pack of 25 £52.88  (£2.12 each)


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  • Alcohol screeningAlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test Unit - Home Office Approved Breathalyser as used by the UK Police.

AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Breathalyzer TestOur AlcoCheck Breathalyzer units are a Home Office Approved commercial version of the roadside breath alcohol testing kits used by the British Police for over 30 years. It contains a quantity of yellow crystals which change to a dark green colour when exposed to any alcohol in a breath sample.  The more alcohol present, the further the colour change travels through the breathalyser tube.  Any visible trace of colour change indicates and alcohol level in excess of 30mg/dl or 0.03% BAC.  There is also a line printed around the tube which is set to the UK legal drink drive limit.  If the colour change reaches or exceeds the line, you are at or over the UK legal limit.


The kit also comes with a calibrated bag which measures 1 litre of breath to ensure that sufficient sample has been blown through the test.  Also included are a consent form and full product instructions.


Breath Alcohol Testing Kit Pricing:

(All prices are in Great British Pounds - GBP)

Single AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test  £3.99
AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test - Pack of 5 £17.16  (£3.43 each)
AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test - Pack of 10 £33.49  (£3.35 each)
AlcoCheck Breath Alcohol Test - Pack of 25 £80.78  (£3.23 each)


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Electronic Breath Alcohol Testing Units


If you are testing for alcohol on a frequent basis, it is more cost effective to use an electronic breathalyzer unit.   Our electronic breath testing units are very high quality and use disposable mouthpieces to ensure that every test is as accurate as the last.


  • Alcohol InformationAlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breath Alcohol Unit

Alcomate Prestige Breath Alcohol TestThe AlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breathalyzer is unique in it's class.  All other breath testing units require costly annual calibration or their accuracy diminishes.  However, due to a clever new patent pending system, you simply replace the sensor module after 300 tests or 1 year - whichever comes sooner.  One-way "flow check" mouthpieces are provided in lots of 100.


FDA 510(k) Certified  ●  NF/CE Mark  ●  DOT/NTHSA Approved  ●  Meets US Coast Guard Requirements  ●  Detection Range: 0.00% - 0.40% BAC  ●  Accuracy: +/-0.01 at 0.10% BAC  ●  Deep-lung air sampling system  ●  Pressure sensor system  ●  Cumulative Test Counter  ●  Low Battery Indicator  ●  One-way air mouthpieces  ●  Auto Power-Off  ●  1 year warranty  ●  Lifetime Tests: 3000 tests


Worried about drink driving the morning after?


Electronic Breathalyser Pricing:

(All prices are in Great British Pounds - GBP)

AlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breathalyser                £111.60            Quantity:   


AlcoMate Prestige Mouthpieces (Pack of 100)            £41.49            Quantity:   


AlcoMate Prestige Sensor Module Replacement      £23.50            Quantity:   


Please note, only order the Sensor Module Replacement when you are ready to replace the Module within your AlcoMate, because the module has an expiry date.


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